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Quilts as an art form for healing

October 21, 2011

Lin Swensson is an art consultant to hospitals. One of her latest assignments is with Capital Health in Hopewell, New Jersey, where quilts are being incorporated as an art form for healing. The  quilt artist is Kate Graves. She created two large quilts (each 56″ x 78″) to hang in the entry to the oncology center. The quilt fabric was donated or selected by the oncology staff at the hospital.

Kate Graves is a sculptor who also makes quilts. Kate says, “I have been making quilts for over 20 years, and several were made specifically to support friends going through difficult health issues.  For me, the ability to sublimate some of my love, hope and anxiety for the wellbeing of these friends has been hugely helpful – it’s something tangible that can express far more than a “get well soon” card. As a sculptor who works primarily with metal, I see a similarity between welding and sewing.  In both cases, two different pieces of material are being joined in a new union that is stronger at the seams.”

Building Blocks by Kate Graves

Building Blocks by Kate Graves, photo by Andrew Wilkinson.

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